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The Black KKK Is Counting On Us!





When I was a precocious child, my family lived in a working-class white neighborhood. With the exception of a black school teacher directly across the street and another black school teacher next door, all of the other families in that neighborhood were white. Ergo, despite occasional KKK motorcades parading past our houses on South Street, we played doctor, hide-and-seek, kick ball, softball, and football, etc., with our white neighbors. Albeit I now refuse to watch television, in the 1960’s I enjoyed watching Bill Cosby and Diahann Carol much more than the exaggerated, negative images of black people portrayed in Tarzan movies. Half a century later, President Barack Obama bragged about having assassinated Libya’s “Dictator Muammar Gaddafi”, who (1) provided free health care for everyone, (2) provided $50,000 to assist newly weds in buying a home, (3) provided free electricity to his entire citizenry, (4) raised Libya’s literacy rate from approximately 20% to over 84%, (5) provided free education (including college) for everyone, (6) made it illegal for banks to charge interest on loans, and (7) created the highest standard of living on the entire African continent. What European nation comes close to rivaling the Green Book’s political philosophy? Concomitantly, under Gaddafi, Libya had no debt to the International Monetary Fund. Ergo, speaking only for myself, I have far more respect for the accomplishments of Libya’s former “dictator”, as Western media has portrayed him, than I do for the black man who occupied the White House for eight years! Is not his, yet, another exaggerated, negative image of Africa? Obviously, the former leader used Libya’s mineral wealth to ameliorate the quality of life for everyone. Antithetically, is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that the politicians and plutocrats who run the United States incessantly transfer Africa’s tremendous wealth to the capstone of a Euro-centric pyramid? Explain.

Because congenital asthma truncated my physical stamina, I developed a passion for reading books during my formative years. Yet, my older brother got to play outdoors “until the light pole came on”. Thanks to Mom and Dad having been educators, I enjoyed competing academically rather than in sports. As a constituent of the last generation of “colored” students who matriculated in the South’s segregated “colored” schools, my point of reference regarding racism always has been incongruent with the propaganda pontificated by both Black America and White America. Why? Obtuse individuals in both identity groups fallaciously will blame the stimulus for their conditioned response to it. For example, as the only Negro in my high school marching band, I played “Dixie” at our football games. Countless times, I was threatened by radical black students who resented that Confederate anthem. Yet, akin to Jackie Robinson and the Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights Era, I already had been prepared for such untoward events. Ergo, I am not disconcerted by white people or black people who display a Confederate flag, pay homage to slavery, or regale in honor of their heroes from the Civil War. Why? To the chagrin of the Orwellian Thought Police, erudite critical thinkers realize that no hooded robe, statue, historical document, movie, talisman, pejoratve, emotional trigger, or flag can cause anyone to hate his fellow man. Nonetheless, WE the People of the United States can not extirpate racism, lest we better understand the raison d’être for the Trail of Tears, the surreptitious Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, the CIA’s Project MK Ultra, AFRICOM, and Big Brother’s convoluted mind-control agenda. IF one man prefers sneakers or sandals, while another prefers penny loafers or boots, then Plato’s thinking man should recognize how each of these choices can protect one’s feet from hot pavement. Plato’s unscientific man, however, erroneously pontificates that his choice in footwear should be mandated for all pedestrians. Via extrapolation, can divergent opinions about race, religion, sexuality, communism, capitalism, and pulchritude, etc., coexist without totalitarianism or calumny? Explain. Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that lies and propaganda exploit irrational fears, ignorance, and insecurities within those individuals who need “an enemy” to fight? Explain. I dare to say that illiterate or unlearned men and women of ANY race tend to swallow the telescreen’s bait and the angler’s hook posthaste. Thus, rather than to ferret for the truth, WE the People of the United States prefer to live in 3-D: namely, delusion, duplicity, and dishonesty regarding ethics and morality. Yet, with the desegregation of Southern schools, black and white students alike discovered that Negroes were not genetically or intellectually inferior to their white compeers. Concomitantly, I discovered that many of my “colored” teachers presented a greater cognitive depth of understanding than white teachers in the subjects they taught. This may be attributable to racism having circumvented many well-qualified Negroes’ admission to medical school or law school in the 1960’s. Prior to the SCOTUS ruling on Brown v Topeka Board of Education, many colored students scored HIGHER on standardized exams than their white counterparts in the “better” schools, despite the disparity in the allocation of pecuniary resources. Perhaps, this vignette illustrates DuBois’ understanding that the Talented Tenth must include educators, in addition to other professionals. Thus, unlike today, it is important to reiterate that I was sheltered from racism via quintessential “colored teachers” having demanded intellectual excellence from bright “colored students”. In retrospect, IF ever it became common knowledge that many “colored students”, indeed, were more intelligent than many white students, then could the artifice of “White Supremacy” have exploded and motivated Negroes in the South to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream? Or would the powers that be proffer them sports, entertainment, alcohol, welfare, fatherless families, drugs, AIDS, illiteracy, unemployment, disenfranchisement, guns, and police brutality, etc., in order to maintain Apartheid in America? Explain.

Whenever African American parents request rather than require that boys handle their books more skillfully than they handle a ball, statistically, what percentage of them emerge as doctors or lawyers such as Stefan Humphries and Paul Robeson? Why do our kindred from Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, et al., DEMAND that their sons and daughters become successful in the Land of Opportunity? What law circumvents actors, prize fighters, singers, or NBA and NFL celebrities from establishing a $500,000,000 endowment [that is less than Tiger Woods’ divorce settlement] and charitable foundation committed to providing ACADEMIC scholarships, starting in 3rd grade, exclusively for “boyz in da hood“? Explain. Feminists, how could such a paradigm shift circumvent the desuetude of black male intellectualism, thereby mitigating the illiteracy and the poverty on our side of the tracks? WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it. Ergo, do black lives truly matter to black people or have we merely acculturated to playing the race card whenever the advisors to the king instruct us to do so? Explain. Hypothetically, is it now possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to hold White people accountable for what Black people are doing to themselves to perpetuate intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and economic inferiority? As the Congo’s sagacious Patrice Lumumba admonished, are WE also “co-authors of our misfortunes”? Explain. Whereas this coin called “Racism” has two sides, I have yet to see a million Africans in America march or otherwise protest black on black homicide, domestic violence, incest, rape, bastard children, tattoos, sagging pants, stealing, smoking, drinking, drugging, dropping out of high school and filling up privatized prisons. IF black lives matter, then I yearn to see a think tank or coterie of one hundred Caribbean, African American, and African intellectuals protest or debate the long-term consequences of Pres. Obama’s unilateral imposition of so-called GLBT “human rights” upon the US and third world countries throughout the Diaspora. With the exception of homicide, what could be a more efficacious weapon of mass destruction of the black man’s capacity to procreate, to protect, and to provide for his family? One has to look no farther than Atlanta, Georgia to see that sodomy and AIDS are deleterious not only to African American men, but also to countless wives and children. Yet, some members of the Congressional Black Caucus equate opposition to GLBT rights to the erstwhile denial of Civil Rights for “colored people”. In other words, we decry racism blocking our efforts to draw water from the “Well of Success“. Yet, at the same time, we punch holes in the bottoms of our own buckets. What’s wrong with that picture of racism? Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that African American principals, professors, college presidents, physicians, preachers, prelates, and political “leaders” throughout our Village have been programmed or paid — if not both — to encourage our progeny to cross the Sahara’s burning sand, return to the Nile Plantation, and resume building Pharaoh’s pyramids and worshiping his gods? Explain. Stated differently, WE have done a terrible job of telling the truth concerning racism vis-a-vis self-hatred. Obviously, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it…and the Black KKK is counting upon us to do neither.







Click to access gaddafi-green-book.pdf



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