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The world’s oldest library is not at Oxford or Cambridge…care to guess where?




Now, that’s black mail male!! Stated differently, I am euphoric whenever a black male demonstrates intellectual parity with the brightest and best Asian, Jewish, and White students. Kudos to you, Mr. Ahmad, for your 5.0 GPA and SAT score, not to mention scholarship offers from Ivy League universities! The perception that “boyz in da hood” make great athletes [dumb jocks], at the expense of competent computer engineers, attorneys, physicians, and physicists, etc., is one of the things that relentlessly bothers me. I am particularly disconcerted whenever Black people consider such accomplishments tantamount to “acting white”. Once upon a time, the Dark Continent’s Library at Alexandria was the world’s preeminent center for research and scholarly learning! Is it not also true that al-Qarawiyyin Library [in Fez, Morocco] is the oldest library in the world? Hypothetically, IF every black male practiced irreproachable erudition and irreproachable ethical conduct, then might the privatized prison industry have to file for bankruptcy or find another identity group for its cash crop? Wow! Now, that’s black male!!


Speaking of “The Brightest and the Best”, what social, ethical, or moral obligation does such a gifted individual have to ameliorate the institutions within his or her identity group? For example, list ten institutions in economically disadvantaged communities that relentlessly inculcate mastery of math, logic, chess, computer literacy, English grammar, a foreign language, and reading comprehension above grade level for 6 – 10 year old students? I rest my case. IF the prison industrial complex can determine how many new cells it will need, based upon third grade test scores, then why can’t we unplug from that matrix and bend the spoon? Explain. Year to year, why do most summer camps and other youth programs in economically disadvantaged communities emphasize sports and recreation, at the expense of erudition? For example, IF 200 black males graduate from Urban Prep Academy and later graduate from law school or medical school, then will all 200 of them have a career in law or medicine? Explain. IF 200 black males play football or basketball and earn athletic scholarships for college, then will all 200 of them go to the NFL or NBA? Explain. How can you put 200 eggs in a carton that only holds twelve…or in some cases only six? Isn’t rectifying this quandary more important to our “freedom” than when and where someone flies a Confederate flag? Explain.


While driving his family to his son’s graduation from medical school, IF a motorist has a flat tire on I-95, yet, remains in his SUV while listening to his favorite music, then is he serious about continuing his journey? Assuming no AAA membership with a spare in the trunk, is it a nail’s fault or the father’s fault that his son now is livid that his family was not there to share and to celebrate his special day? In this Age of Fatherlessness, IF the African American community fails to replicate Urban Prep Academy’s quintessential pedagogy for boys, then is it the prison industrial complex’s fault or our own Village Elder’s fault that Junior can handle a ball far better than he can handle a textbook? Antithetical to the expectations of black families from Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, et al., why do countless African American fathers embrace the pipe dream of NFL and NBA fortune and fame for their sons during their formative years? Moreover, why haven’t our NBA and NFL stars invested a tenth of their wealth or even a paltry $1,000,000 each to replicate Urban Prep Academy campuses from Connecticut to California? Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that 79% – 97% of black males in US medical schools have close ties to Africa or the Caribbean, while 79% – 97% of the men in many prisons are African American? What’s wrong with this picture of “I’m black and I’m proud,”? What will 295 organizations mentoring at risk youths on Martin Luther King Day do to improve SAT scores? In my father’s words, “Not a cotton picking thing!”

Inconsequential to what amount is entered on line 44 of the IRS form 1040, who benefits most when black males are either under-educated or illiterate? Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that Pharaoh deliberately induces the pipe dream of playing football and basketball to insure that only an exiguous number of “boyz in da hood” ever become the next Paul Robeson or Stefan Humphries? Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that Pharaoh actively recruits brilliant, well-educated, young brothers and sisters [in government, academia, law enforcement, corrections, the military, the ministry, and the courts, etc.] in order to better control how we think and behave? Is the context of best practices, is Pharaoh’s modus operandi to set the captives free or to insure that an enslaved people never leave Egypt en masse? Notwithstanding the quintessential success of Kenny Anderson, Jason Caffey, Allen Iverson, Scottie Pippen, Mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield, etc., is there also the enigma of being a “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” among professional athletes? Is this attributable to mere coincidence, a government conspiracy, or to Village Elders and “advisers” to the king proffering bad advice? Explain. WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it.



In the context of discerning how to win the bigger game called LIFE, will we ever embrace Standard English as our lingua franca in order to build bridges with our kinfolk from Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Congo Republic, Martinique, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, et al.? How can tout le monde reason together, lest we meet at the table of brotherhood with a common language and critical thinking? Can men with disparate nationalities and religious values facilitate a global standard for defining manhood, marriage and a husband’s role in providing for and protecting his family? Explain. IF Hell’s Head Coach has a much larger roster of players than Heaven’s Head Coach, then will godly men be blocked, tackled, clipped, and run out of bounds? How does a life bereft of spiritual allegiance to GOD facilitate the ruin or self-destruction of many entertainers, politicians, and professional athletes, etc.? How might our Village be positively impacted, brothers, IF just 50% of black males assiduously worked out in God’s Gym via doing the following? Closer to home, how might your family be positively impacted IF you, your father, and six other male relatives decided to hold each other accountable for a “spiritual six-pack” ?

[From “GOD’S GYM: WORKOUT # 1”]

I will study the Scriptures daily and stand on God’s Word as my moral compass

I will read the entire Bible, Torah, Tripitaka or Koran annually for seven years

I will pray to the God of my understanding daily for His guidance and His wisdom

I will practice my religious faith in every aspect of my personal life

I will lead my household in studying the Scriptures at least once weekly

I will promote peace, charity, and good will toward my fellow man

I will abstain from bigotry and propaganda that disparage other identity groups

I will speak out against our Pentagon’s unprovoked global militarism

I will protect and defend women, children, and the elderly

I will abstain from domestic violence and unprovoked violence in the streets

I will abstain from drinking to the point of intoxication

I will abstain from smoking cigarettes, cigars, crack, or marijuana, etc.

I will abstain from using or selling illegal drugs or benefiting from filthy lucre

I will abstain from lottery tickets and all other forms of gambling

I will abstain from fornication and adultery

I will abstain from sodomy with a male or a female partner

I will abstain from seducing or having sex with minors, even if it’s consensual

I will abstain from all perverted sexual activities with animals

I will talk to my sons about male sexuality as candidly as did Junior’s Dad

I will teach my boys either to sublimate or masturbate until marriage

I will purify my manhood via examining my A’s and F’s with my father, sons, etc.

I will promote physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual male bonding

I will come out from among those whose mores and folkways are unequally yoked

I will pray for God to forgive and to bless America as I commit my loyalty to obeying Him.



Homicide, illiteracy, unemployment, recidivism, poverty, illegitimacy, and AIDS are among a plethora of maladies adversely impacting the African American community. Is this a coincidence, a government conspiracy, or our own fault via the desuetude of critical thinking? Explain. Unabashedly, I dare to challenge our Talented Tenth and Village Elders to explore this quandary via irreproachable intelligence vis-a-vis your emotions. Moreover, IF we intellectualize cause and effect, then we can discern rightly whether the African American community is cursed via racism, via Ham in the Bible, via having vacated and forsaken God’s commandments, or via a dearth of knowledge relevant to formal education? What incantations inoculate our kindred from Ethiopia, Haiti, Nigeria, Jamaica, et al., from these vices? For example, IF of our own volition we CHOOSE to sell drugs, drop out of school, steal, sag our pants, speak Ebonics, or maliciously shoot our kindred, etc., then is the culprit racism or self-hatred? If we truly want to draw water from the “well of success”, then why do we incessantly punch holes in the bottoms of our own buckets? Why do we allow our progeny to fill privatized prisons rather than to teach our sons reading comprehension, standard English, computer literacy, chess, critical thinking, and the SCRIPTURES prior to their twelfth birthday? Obviously, millions of African American fathers read below a ninth grade proficiency. Obviously, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it. Therefore, why don’t our churches, lodges, frats, temples, mosques, libraries, and other institutions sponsor Brain Bowls, Book Clubs, Chess Clubs, and GED programs? Is this a coincidence, a government conspiracy, or our own fault via the desuetude of critical thinking? Explain. IF the score is 36 – 0 at half-time during the Super Bowl, then should the losing coach complain to the officials about his opponent’s offensive team or admonish his defensive team to stop the quarterback and running back? IF you enslave his mind, then a docile black man becomes even more malleable. Ergo, IF our college presidents, preachers, and political “leaders” emphasize how unfair the system is — without holding us morally accountable for our own sins of omission and commission — then are they leading us through the Red Sea or leading us back to the Nile Plantation to resume building Pharaoh’s pyramids? I rest my case.


How could it ameliorate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within the African American Village, IF our elders, pastors, politicians and other prominent men, held themselves accountable to irreproachable ethical and intellectual standards? For example, is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that only an exiguous number of African males [men from the Caribbean, the US, or any of the countries on the continent, Mother Africa] upholds Victory In Christ Ensemble’s subjective list of things devout Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims “should” do? IF God rewards our obedience and concomitantly punishes our disobedience to His statutes, covenants, and commandments, then when will we teach our sons how to break generational curses vis-à-vis following in our footsteps? Most people would find the “workout” in God’s Gym shown above objectionable. Why? Any nation, institution, or identity group that vacates GOD’s commandments, by default, will become more ungodly and more evil. Albeit millions of Americans attend church every weekend, still millions of us are ineffective in fighting spiritual warfare. Perhaps, professional athletes and entertainers are even more susceptible to manipulation by the Prince of Darkness. Philosophically, from Donny Hathaway to Robin Williams, is something surreptitiously sinister, spiritual, and Satanic [https://www.goodfight.org/a_v_williams_robin.html] driving successful entertainers to suicide? IF so, then how can any black man, white man, or other “spiritually blind” male part the Red Sea and reach the Promised Land lest he puts his faith in GOD? Explain. Perhaps, because Pharaoh persuaded our People to return to Egypt, our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard, neither has it entered into our hearts to relish the blessings GOD has in store for them who love Him and obey His commandments. Obviously, only an exiguous number of successful black males ever will embrace VICE’s Christian standard via working out in God’s Gym. Ergo, even IF all 200 ballers went to the NFL and the NBA, would our Village be blessed by their filing for bankruptcy five years into retirement? IF a baller wears a National Championship ring, then would our Village be blessed by his fathering seven bastards with five baby’s mommas? IF a black male becomes the mayor, County Commissioner, Secretary of State, or even governor, then would our Village be blessed by his arrest for embezzlement, corruption, or malfeasance? Gentlemen, must higher moral standards and higher education work in tandem, IF ever we hope to reach the land flowing with milk and honey? I rest my case.


In the context of self-actualization, shouldn’t we change the paradigm anytime it is ineffectual rather than to wait for government action or approbation? Explain. Kudos to a small group of conscientious youths and adults [http://kheprw.org/] doing just that in Indianapolis. Moreover, I challenge you [second person, plural] to impeach or impugn VICE’s textbook and instructional methods, which are antithetical to Americana’s matrix of “politically correct” mores and folkways. In this Age of Feminism, VICE’s pedagogy is predicated upon the need for the man-child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual self-actualization. As our textbook emphasizes repeatedly, God requires it! Men of all races are encouraged to study the Scriptures and to develop intimacy with GOD and with devoutly virtuous men. Particularly for black males, the curse of Willie Lynch’s Manifesto is far more spiritual than it is racial or political. Stated differently, GOD seldom, if ever, rewards disobedient children.Therefore, IF not VICE’s list of moral standards, will successful and sagacious black males ever reason together and write their own playbook entitled, “Never Again”, to circumvent their financial or fiscal ruin? For starters, should one of the chapters be entitled “Prenuptial Agreements” followed by “Libido Without Lust or Baby’s Momma Drama”? Might another chapter in their playbook be entitled, “No Drugging or Drinking Allowed”? Should one of the chapters be entitled, “Trusting and Obeying God”? IF 79% – 97% of the social problems in America are attributable to men and women disobeying God, then, “What is we gonna do, blame the nail or change the flat?” Brothers, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it, despite whatever spiritually blind PE coaches, principals, professors, college presidents, prison wardens, chiefs of police, pastors, and even US presidents say otherwise. Studying begets knowledge. Knowledge begets understanding. Understanding begets wisdom. Wisdom begets the courage to unplug from the matrix. IF you unplug from the matrix, then you can bend the spoon. IF you can bend the spoon, then you can change the world for the good of mankind! To those black males, white males, and males who are the color of water, yet, remain incredulous, come to VICE’s workshops…we’ll teach you how to bend your spoon!


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can change;
And the wisdom to know the difference.




I grew up in a mostly white working class neighborhood in a small, provincial town with just one high school. Archie Bunker easily could have lived nearby. Yet, antithetical to my white neighbors, most of the black males I knew [including my father] were schizophrenic like Junior’s grandfather, Antwone Fisher, and Yusaf Mack in that they attempted amiss to outrun their sexual shadows to avert discovery or discussion of the truth. Even today, fifty years after his assassination, many African Americans still refuse to believe that Malcolm X [and many other prominent figures during the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Era] went both ways. Nevertheless, an unspoken history of bisexuality among white men with black men can be traced as far back as Southern planters and their Mandingo slaves. In general, do black males place inordinate [unrealistic] expectations upon one another to “prove their manhood” via sexual rather than intellectual prowess? Hypothetically, is it possible, probable, plausible, or preposterous to think that 79% – 97% of sexually active males in any city in the US hide the same “sexual shadow” as Malcolm X behind their military uniforms, secret oaths, professional sports, marriages, and other fig leaves? IF so, then would their vilification of Yusaf Mack or Michael Sam be tantamount to hypocritical Freudian projection in order to assuage their own homosexual guilt via a facade and pretext of incredulity? Additionally, in a nation wherein most black men grew up “fatherless” in single parent homes, do you consider Junior’s grandfather or his Dad to be a better male parent to emulate? In a nation wherein more than two million black males have spent a considerable number of years behind bars, brothers, we can’t fix it IF we can’t face it. In a nation wherein two men now can get married, change themselves surgically into “women”, or even serve honorably in the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps as “husband and husband”, such dishonesty, delusion, and duplicity make it virtually impossible for vulnerable teenagers ever to share the kind of intimate father son dyad Junior experienced in the text. Yet, VICE stands fully committed to our members experiencing quintessential intimacy and male bonding to the exclusion of either homophobia or homosexuality. Ergo, rest assured that personal privacy is sacrosanct for men attending VICE’s Level One, Level Two, and Level Three workshops wherein we debate, discuss, and dissect masculinity within a fictional family.

Only within VICE’s advanced Level Four and Level Five workshops for certified members dare we begin to remove our fig leaves and to discuss male sexuality in first person. Why? In this Age of Fatherlessness, candor is extremely important for self-actualized men to have any substantive and intelligent discourse regarding being black and being male in the United States. Moreover, the capacity for grown men to hug, laugh, cry, and even horseplay like the Army officers in the textbook is truncated by homophobic shame. Akin to Junior’s grandfather, one could argue such insecure men unwittingly “molest” their adolescent sons EMOTIONALLY via robbing them of the transparency, love, and male bonding experiences requisite to becoming well-adjusted husbands, protectors, and providers. Concomitantly, VICE’s textbook explores how the NWO employs the “psychological penis complex” to empower women at the expense of godly men being the head of the family and the church. It is ludicrous to expect well-educated women to condescend to being “barefoot and pregnant”. Instead, VICE challenges young brothers to embrace irreproachable ethics and intelligence so that your princess will allow you to become her prince. Toward rectifying this kind of “guy stuff” for posterity, VICE provides certified members of any race a “safe place” wherein intelligent, introspective brethren can remove our fig leaves and reason together regarding our masculinity, our sexuality, and our spirituality. The alternative is for “convertibles” to obfuscate and occlude the truth about occasionally letting the top down, thereby ever remaining disingenuous about their sexual shadows they never will outrun. Gentlemen, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it.



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