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More Than 42 Million Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse

More Than 42 Million Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse



Imagine two high school PE coaches having different goals and expectations of their students. Coach Black tells his teenage boys that he expects them to be able to jog for three miles, do twenty chin ups, do one hundred sit ups, do one hundred crunches, and to do fifty push-ups in order to earn an A in his class. Coach White, however, explains to his students that PE is not all that important and he wants perfect attendance and just one lap around the football field for his students to earn an A in his class. Can’t you see a deluge of students running to the guidance office to request a class schedule change? After the requests are granted, Coach Black now has only twelve boys of the initial fifty who still want the discipline and hard work he prescribes. Coach White, however, has so many students that he added a second period just to accommodate the overflow of incoming male students.

Coach Black soon has his boys shedding fat, building muscle, getting fit, and acquiring both the confidence and physiques that girls adore! On the other hand, Coach White’s boys engage in horseplay, text their classmates, watch videos, play cards, or even sleep during his physical education class. By the end of the semester, Coach Black’s students have become star athletes in several sports, not to mention they also have beautiful cheerleaders fawning over them both on and off the field! To the contrary, twenty-six of Coach White’s male students developed juvenile diabetes and one even had a heart attack before completing his single lap around the football field. Despite these disparities in fitness, Coach White was selected by the student body as Teacher of the Year. Amazingly, Coach Black’s contract was not renewed via the number of students complaining that he was too strict. Now, he is the general manager of a fitness club. What’s wrong with this picture or are you too blind to see?

Whereas Victory In Christ Ensemble [VICE] is an exposé of politics, religion, and sexuality, these topics often are swept under the rug. Stated differently, a sage’s irreproachable integrity often will be blocked, clipped, tackled, and run out of bounds in a manner akin to Coach Black’s termination. Hopefully, this allegory conveys the extent to which WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it, inconsequential to whatever “it” is. Whereas millions of men and women in the United States [and throughout the world] were introduced to sexual expression prematurely via Satanic sexual predators, those experiences often rob survivors of trust and other social skills. Therefore, VICE encourages any survivor of sexual abuse to discover or to recapture their “authentic self” via pastoral and professional counseling. For former prey and predator alike, your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are impacted by the extent to which you ameliorate synergy within your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies. The intellectual and spiritual self form the substrate upon which VICE’s pedagogy stands. Any nation that vacates GOD’s commandments, by default, will become more ungodly and more evil. Ergo, VICE’s non-clinical workshops unabashedly create fictional, erotic vignettes that may trigger recollections of abuse. As members discuss things lesser men still hide behind fig leaves, we learn to be our brother’s keeper. A personal relationship with the GOD of your understanding can facilitate closure as you confront some of the untoward experiences from the past. Resolving the past, indeed, is a cathartic, yet convoluted, process requiring a holistic healing of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual being. Therefore, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and agnostics alike are encouraged to study the textbook and take up your bed and walk into sexual healing!


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