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BUDDHISM: Is Masturbation a Sin?



BUDDHISM: Is Masturbation a Sin?




Realizing that one might have been crucified or castrated during the Middle Ages for broaching the subject, is masturbation a sin or is its condemnation a dogma pontificated by zealous priests, monks, etc.? Explain. Hypothetically, had David done so in the Old Testament, then would he still have violated Bathsheba and had her husband, Uriah, killed? Is there a spiritual link between King David’s adultery and murder and his son later raping his sister, Tamar? Explain. More importantly, if today’s prisoners and pedophiles practice autoeroticism to control their concupiscence, then will incessant predation and molestation of weaker prey increase, decrease, or remain constant in the United States? For those of us born with a banana and two grapes, gentlemen, this is a crucial ethical concern vis-a-vis the proliferation of pedophilia, prison rape, fornication, adultery, AIDS, bastard children, date rape, and bestiality, etc. WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it.

IF a mulatto baby is born in Japan, then is that child Japanese? IF a blonde baby is born in South Africa, then is that child African? Such queries obviate the necessity for a definition of terms in order to test the veracity of such descriptive statements. For example, in describing his secret sexual fantasy, gentlemen, how does a horny GI draw the line of demarcation between a “Rubenesque” and an “obese” damsel? Further intellectualizing male concupiscence, can “child-like” sex dolls satiate a pedophile’s libido to the extent that they can circumvent child molestation? Explain. Can “adult-like” sex dolls satiate a husband’s libido to the extent that they can circumvent adultery and bastard children? Explain. Could the availability of sex dolls in prison satiate a convicted felon’s libido to the extent that they would abate, if not eliminate, homosexuality and prison rape? Explain. Gentlemen, did you teach your sons and nephews that autoeroticism or masturbation is a sin? With hair gel or lotion rather than with any doll, can autoeroticism or masturbation satiate a horny teenager’s libido to the extent that it can circumvent “premature fatherhood” and a plethora of sexual mistakes? Explain. Moralizing male concupiscence, is masturbation a sin; and please cite the chapter and verse in the Scriptures? In the context of female concupiscence, is “trading places” with her husband in the bedroom a sin; and please cite the chapter and verse in the Scriptures? In this Age of Feminism, IF gender is a moral issue, then are female, lesbian, and transgendered pastors a sin; and please cite the chapter and verse in the Scriptures? Moreover, IF the man is to be the head of his home and the Christian church, then can God’s Holy Spirit dwell in male pastors who smoke, drink, gamble, engage in adultery and bisexuality; and please cite the chapter and verse in the Scriptures? Antithetical to the GLBT community’s politically correct apostasy, religious queries such as these obviate the need for a definition of terms according to the Bible [the Koran or the Torah for Muslims and Jews respectively]. The Pharisees even confronted Jesus Christ regarding circumcision, eating meat, plucking corn on the Sabbath, etc. Ultimately, these disingenuous Jews condemned the sinless Son of God to death for blasphemy and paid people to deny His Resurrection. As a teaching ministry for Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and agnostics alike, VICE’s unorthodox textbook and workshops closely examine these timeless philosophical queries vis-s-vis the Scriptures. IF the Creator of the Universe is inerrant, gentlemen, then we must differentiate between God’s commandments and man’s doctrinal dogma. Ergo, come, let us reason together because WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it, inconsequential to whatever “it” is.


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