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CIA Whistleblower in Prison for Telling the Truth



CIA Whistleblower in Prison for Telling the Truth


One could argue that the Central Intelligence Agency is a strategic global agency within the United States government that operates sub rosa in order to achieve many of its political objectives. For example, the gathering of intelligence about other governments and the disruption of those regimes considered “a threat” to American interests may involve assassination, kidnapping, and other criminal acts. Those “American interests”, more often than not, are more about imperialism more than national defense against any enemy: real or imagined. Needless to say, the price of loyalty to such a clandestine organization can cost one’s life. In the case of John Kiriakou, however, becoming a whistle blower only costed his freedom. This former CIA agent exposed information to the media affirming that US troops and mercenaries, de facto, did torture Muslims captured subsequent to the US invasion of Iraq. In the context of the media’s perpetual propaganda, our citizenry is as well conditioned as Pavlov’s dogs to believe the American spin on global and international events. Ergo, delusion, duplicity, and dishonesty remain the plat du jour for the American public. Bonnes apetit!











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