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Ricky Jackson a Free Man 39 Years After a Wrongful Conviction



Ricky Jackson a Free Man 39 Years After a Wrongful Conviction


Victory In Christ Ensemble [VICE] is a ministry of sexual healing beyond the narrow scope of just the Christian community. Why? Fornication, adultery, pederasty, bisexuality, prison rape, and other sexual vices are ubiquitous among Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even agnostics, are they not? Ergo, VICE proffers men [and to a lesser degree women] an intelligent and unimpeachable GPS for inculcating virtuous moral values to males of all ages. This “spiritual system” is replete with a religious study group, an academic support group, a book club, a fraternity, and a business model for Independent Agents to earn $390.00 gross profit per order of ten books sold. Convicted felons are eligible for a $200.00 rebate, thus earning $590.00 gross profit per order. Because VICE’s pedagogy is tantamount to a paradigm shift in thinking and behaving, gentlemen, your success hinges upon your willingness to mentor and to motivate teenagers and grown men alike to workout with you in “God’s Gym”.  Indeed, this formidable task is the greatest challenge many of us ever will face in our coterie. However, no man can serve two Masters for he will love the one and hate the other. The red pill or the blue pill…the choice is yours. Yet, the rewards for unplugging from the Matrix and obeying GOD’s commandments are ineffable in terms of building stronger families, mentoring, male bonding, and supplanting vices with the virtues requisite to self-actualization. WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it. Therefore, kudos to Ricky Jackson and other innocent men who are starting a new life on the outside. Please, take a look at VICE’s Not Guilty Program and contact us IF you are interested in developing a spiritual six pack that resembles the relationship Junior had with his Dad.




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