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It’s Almost Midnight



It’s Almost Midnight


On New Year’s Eve, midnight literally represents the birth of a new year. In the context of the New World Order, however, midnight may symbolize the advent of the Battle of Armageddon. In a nation wherein “In God We Trust” has become a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, I encourage every reasonably intelligent person [agnostics included] to study the prophetic Scriptures relative to the Last Days. Despite our media’s war-mongering propaganda and false flags [i.e., Muslim jihad, terrorists, ISIS, insurgents, etc.], the United States’ geo-political avarice for precious oil in the Middle East is not coincidental. After all, did not the Bush Administration build permanent military bases on top of Baghdad’s world heritage sites? The Holy Bible declares that it won’t be water but fire next time that mankind’s ungodliness or wickedness brings total destruction to our world…any questions?


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