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Groomed to Be Abused



Groomed to be Abused



Parents, IF you are contemplating what to get your high school seniors this year for graduation, please consider “Child Molestation, Incest, or Neither?” [ISBN 978-1-4675-5868-6]. This Biblically correct textbook in sex education, which I self-published just prior to the Penn State debacle involving Coach Jerry Sandusky, accentuates how GOD can deliver and heal both former predators and former prey from their “sexual mistakes”. Rather than proselytizing or prosecuting anyone, VICE’s modus operandi is to educate parents, pastors, priests, principals, professors, coaches, correctional officers, cops, etc. Thus, this book’s parables, Scriptures, Sexual Survey, Essay Questions, and IQ Exams focus upon how virtually everything we do is spiritual, sexual, or both! Ergo, a personal relationship with GOD can lead to irreproachable conduct, be it sexual morality or otherwise. By joining Victory In Christ Ensemble [VICE], this unorthodox book club can profoundly change the discourse between students and their parents in order that America’s Youths may reach adulthood unscathed by sexual molestation or sexual mistakes. In this Age of Fatherlessness, VICE challenges virtuous men who are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or agnostic, etc., to visit “God’s Gym” in order to ameliorate your experiences as a husband, father, grandfather, son, or brother, etc. In so doing, you may love to learn and learn to love your fellow man in ways that honor GOD without guilt or shame about being less than perfect. Gentlemen, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it. GOD bless you, brethren, and always pray for your children to become as enlightened as Junior in the text!


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