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Health Care and Bio-Terrorism



Health Care and Bio-Terrorism

In the context of modern medicine, is the health care industry’s ultimate mission to save lives or to maximize corporate profits? If the latter is true, then Is it possible that a “non-profit hospital” would bill Medicare $19.00 for a single Tylenol pill? IF the love of money is the root of all evil, then should a reasonable person expect an increase or a decrease in special interests and lobbyists influencing Capitol Hill? Hypothetically, is AIDS God’s retribution for homosexual and bisexual men engaging in sodomy or did Big Brother’s medical researchers covertly create HIV for use as a lethal weapon? In the context of eugenics, is there any connection between ebola research, cancer research, mad cow’s disease research, AIDS research, and anthrax research? As we approach a New World Order, to what extent have Big Brother’s medical researchers created sinister “man-made” viruses, tested them in monkeys, and used them on human subjects, ultimately leading to the genocide of people deemed to be most expendable or undesirables? Before you proffer your answer to these hypothetical ethical queries, you must watch this documentary! Wow!


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