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Pentagon Denies ISIS Strategy is Unraveling



Pentagon Denies ISIS Strategy is Unraveling


“To the victor go the spoils!” Stated differently, had there been no oil, there would be no Bush War in the Middle East. For me, one of the most salient concerns regarding Uncle Sam’s daily news reports is that the spin we Americans put on geo-political events in the Middle East is bereft of contrasting, dialectic points of view. For example, were we to allow Asian, Muslim, or other non-European journalists to proffer their interpretations of US hegemony, then we might learn the undeniable facts regarding Big Brother’s genocide, war crimes, and malfeasance throughout the Middle East. In a nation wherein we have awarded Blackwater [Academi] alone over a billion dollars in defense contracts, do we the people have a right to know what our tax dollars are defending? Since perpetual war begets perpetual profits for defense contractors, what is the relationship between their lobbyists and Capitol Hill? Is the Obama Administration’s “transparency in government” a promise fulfilled or an illusion few Americans even question? I rest my case.


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