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Is This Person a Terrorist?



Is This Person a Terrorist?


As George Orwell’s 1984 admonished readers when I was in high school, “Big Brother is watching you.” Yet, Victory In Christ Ensemble’s ethical admonition today is, “God is watching you too!” Any nation that vacates GOD’s commandments, by default, becomes ungodly. Thus, in a nation wherein “In God We Trust” has become a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, what moral compass does Big Brother now use to determine what is good or evil? As American society fast approaches a dystopia with virtually no “liberty and justice for all”, this classic political satire is becoming less fictional and more realistic. Those of us who have unplugged from the Matrix of “political correctness” may feel as if we are surrounded by “enemy agents”. However, Big Brother already is watching Christian fundamentalists as if they are possible “terrorists”. Therefore, consistent with Biblical prophecy, the chosen few who obey God’s Commandments will be persecuted, imprisoned, and put to death prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What shall we do? The devout Apostle Paul said to be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the Word, the Will and the Work of the Lord. [I Corinthians 15]. That’s sound advice from the same man who also persecuted, imprisoned, and put Christians to death!


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