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Final Solution Needed



Final Solution Needed



The tragic suicide of Motty Borger in Brooklyn is a quintessential illustration of why Victory In Christ Ensemble [VICE] proffers a cathartic ministry of sexual healing for dealing with “guy stuff” we don’t discuss at the gym or barber shop. Rather than prosecuting, prescribing medication, or proselytizing, VICE teaches Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even agnostics how to better deal with the shame and stigma associated with masturbation, prison rape, promiscuity, incest, child molestation, adultery, etc. Lamentably, men who grow up in “religious” communities often are abashed via their sexual history’s divergence from the mandates of Sacred Scriptures. Therefore, “Child Molestation, Incest or Neither?” [ISBN 978-1-4675-5868-6] proffers a fictional odyssey through puberty wherein Junior and his Dad are completely honest. Members of VICE who are Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even agnostics are encouraged to simply extrapolate from the textbook what is most applicable to rectifying their sexual mistakes. Toward such a non-judgmental mission, VICE’s pedagogy utilizes workshops, the Scriptures, IQ Exams, Essay Questions, a Sex Survey and related materials to demonstrate how in GOD’s sight, you are not a bad person, despite your having made some bad choices. Gentlemen, WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it, inconsequential to whatever “it” is. Ergo, VICE can facilitate any father, rabbi, imam, coach, etc., in empowering children and teenagers regarding masturbation, incest, pegging, pederasty and other forms of sexual expression. Otherwise, how else can any teenager reach adulthood unscathed? Explain.

When I was a student at UM, I took “Introduction to Judaism”, a course specifically for Gentiles. Apart from my better understanding the Old Testament, what I remember most about the course is that my instructor survived the Holocaust. Albeit she lost both of her parents as a very young child, she proudly taught us the resilience of the Jews, despite Hitler’s “Final Solution”. To my surprise, it seems as if a conspiracy of silence regarding pedophilia among Jews parodies this “cover up” among Gentiles. For example, my previous post of this same article was vaporized and disappeared from FB…so here it is again. No matter how one looks at this moral issue, child sexual abuse is not kosher. For example, the following rabbis have been accused of sexual misconduct, either in Israel or in the United States. One of them reputedly was a highly visible member of NAMBLA. I’ll let you do your own research…Shalom!

Life has taught me that evil miscreants exist in every nation, every religion, every race, and every demographic group on Planet Earth. Ergo, in the context of the Twin Towers debacle, is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to think that Israel’s Mossad was directly involved? Explain.


  1. Rabbi Nechemya Weberman
  2. Rabbi David Kaye
  3. Yona Weinberg
  4. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko
  5. Rabbi Emmanuel Yegutkin
  6. Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz
  7. Rabbi Gershon Kranczer
  8. Rabbi Motty Boregah
  9. Rabbi Ephraim Bryks
  10. Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro
  11. Rabbi Lewis Brenner
  12. Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
  13. Rabbi Jerri Brauner
  14. Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg
  15. Rabbi Solomon Hafner
  16. Rabbi Alan J. Shneur Horowitz
  17. Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov
  18. Rabbi Mordecai Magencey
  19. Rabbi Yona Metzger
  20. Dr. Adam Theodore Rubin

It is my prayer that the Orthodox Jewish community will find a “final solution” to the real problem of child sexual abuse, which also plagues Christian, Muslim, and other Gentile communities.





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