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Bill Cosby’s Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed?



Bill Cosby’s Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed?

For most of my life, I have loathed Hollywood’s negative images of black people on television or in movies primarily because these images were antithetical to the dignified visage of my parents, their peers, and even some poor blacks in my Village. For example, when looking at photographs of the Civil Rights Era, can you identify a maid, teacher, janitor, doctor, lawyer or a farmer just from the photo? As a kid, sitting in front of a black and white television [no pun intended], I looked forward to seeing Bill Cosby on “I Spy” and Diahann Carol on “Julia”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beTI_H9wK7Y Even then, many perspicacious parents filtered what their children could and could not watch on tv. Today, not nearly as many elementary school students can relate to sitting with both parents in front of their flat screen tv and discussing a popular show or the evening news. I wonder if high school students still watch and dissect “A Raisin in the Sun”, “Porgy and Bess”, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”, “Stormy Weather”, “Othello” et al. IF we are what we eat, then millions of America’s Youths may be malnourished, thanks to the Orwellian Thought Police having truncated logic, critical thinking, and literacy in our schools. Ergo, we may want to monitor the telescreen’s calorimeter and change the channel from music videos to a much healthier entertainment or educational diet.




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