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When Whites Just Don’t Get It



When Whites Just Don’t Get It



Here in the United States, the Holocaust, slavery, the Trail of Tears, segregation, Jim Crow, Apartheid, Colonialism, and even the Crusades often are viewed by both black and white Americans as “racial issues”. More sagaciously, however, are not these “moral issues” that demonstrate the chasm between what “Capitalistic Christian” institutions pontificate and what they practice? Any nation that vacates GOD’s statutes and commandments, by default, becomes ungodly. Therefore, race, nationality, religion, language, or culture can provide a superficial, yet efficacious, pretext or spin on what really are ethical and moral issues. Because four centuries of our nation’s political history are anything but “Christian”, perhaps, this is why we seldom discuss politics and religion. For example, in the context of exterminating “undesirables”, are there similarities between the US government’s use of smallpox in the 1830’s and its use of depleted uranium today? Akin to the Manhattan Project [1942] and the Tuskegee Experiment [1932-1972], what other human experiments on US citizens might Big Brother soon implement without our consent or knowledge? Akin to Hitler’s Final Solution in Nazi Germany, are we Americans also secretly exterminating undesirables in the Middle East? Compare Dr. Frank Olson’s “suicide” in 1953 to that of today’s CIA dissidents and Iraq Veterans Against the War, who considered Big Brother’s global operations to be grossly misguided and immoral. Is there any connection between the CIA’s torture tactics in Guantanamo Bay [Gitmo] and the erstwhile interrogations in Project Artichoke following World War II? What is the connection between Big Brother’s ebola research and anthrax research? To justify the enormous wealth and privilege derived from man’s inhumanity to man, Western political systems prototypically have assuaged their hegemonic culpability via expedient proclamations [i.e., Manifest Destiny, Aryan Superiority] that GOD is on our side vis-a-vis on their side.

Again, any nation that vacates GOD’s commandments, by default, becomes ungodly! Thus, in a nation wherein “In God We Trust” has become a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, it’s quite obvious to me that our trust lies in money rather than in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Jesus Christ. This type of Orwellian “double think”, duplicity, and delusion becomes apparent whenever public figures and elected officials discuss weapons of mass destruction, illegal drugs, 9/11, terrorists, ISIS, Muslim insurgents, etc., as an imminent threat to our nation’s freedom. Concomitantly, the spin our biased media and journalists invariably put on geo-political events is, “We’re the good guys protecting the world from the bad guys!” Amazingly, our citizenry appears to be gullible enough to be believe the propaganda, the hysteria, and the hype while turning a blinded eye to our global aggression, war crimes, genocide, and other violations of human rights. Are we Americans truly that obtuse or do we simply prefer to pretend nothing is amiss in order to protect Euro-centric financial interests around the globe at all costs?

Closer to home, we now live in a nation wherein our government has privatized many prisons, juvenile facilities, mental hospitals, etc. for PROFIT. Ergo, any reasonably intelligent person should expect that the modus operandi for Big Brother’s domestic policy closely approximates [if not duplicates] that of his international policy. Hypothetically, if most politicians are plutocrats, then are most plutocrats politicians? Not necessarily so. Yet, they are indistinguishable in terms of their mission to generate more pecuniary assets for Big Business. Stated differently, do Congressmen, state legislators, judges, attorneys, policemen, prosecutors, correctional officers, probation officers, social workers, investment bankers, etc., have a vested interest in a reduction or an increase in our nation’s criminal activity, criminal prosecutions, and felony convictions? Whereas many of our prisons now are private, the “cost-cutting” measures include not providing adequate food or medical treatment for some inmates. What’s wrong with this picture of “criminal justice”? As a born-again Christian, I believe the US could solve 79% – 97% of Her “social problems” by simply obeying God’s commandments, particularly, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Yet, in a nation that has more men and women behind bars than any other nation on Earth, the immensely profitable prison industrial complex is a reality of life. As a statistic, are there currently more felons behind bars who dropped out of high school or who completed a four-year college degree or a trade? Therefore, is it reasonable for parents of at risk youths to “require” rather than to “request” that their sons and daughters at least complete high school? IF a high school student’s family is poor, then is post-secondary education more or less of a necessity for his success in life than for the son of a millionaire? IF 50% of poor youths become parents prior to completion of their formal education, then do illegitimate children bless or curse their future? IF 50% of poor youths decide to drop out of high school, then will their representation behind bars dramatically increase or decrease a decade from now? In the context of the opportunity cost of our deliberate “mis-education” of millions of America’s Youths, perhaps, a large number of both white people and black people “don’t get it”. IF certain identity groups are targeted by what Michelle Alexander calls “The New Jim Crow”, then should these at risk youths speak, dress, and otherwise behave in ways that are rebellious, illegal, disrespectful, and socially unacceptable? IF Bryan Stephenson is fighting racism and injustice relentlessly in America’s courts, then should African American youths exemplify criminal conduct or irreproachable conduct at school and in public? IF speaking Standard English and making the A Honor Roll is “acting white”, then should African American students act so white that even white students may become jealous of their “whiteness”? Lastly, IF hungry sharks like blood, then should boaters throw chum in the water where their children are swimming? I rest my case.


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