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Rikers Island Correctional Staff Needs Correction!



Rikers Island Correctional Staff Needs Correction! 


This story about a culture of incessant abuse of teenagers by the staff at Rikers Island may soon disappear since it already was vaporized twice from my FB Timeline. Rhetorically, what objection would Big Brother have to “transparency” in government regarding the prison industrial complex? Moreover, VICE maintains that there is a connection between the United States’ burgeoning prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex. http://www.nytimes.com/…/us-attorneys-office-reveals… For example, the unrelenting increase in homosexuality, lesbianism, bribery, corruption, pedophilia, prison rape, torture, and sadistic brutality would make both Aleister Crowley and La Marquis de Sade quite proud of the “powers that be” in many of our nation’s [private and public] juvenile and adult correctional facilities. In the context of such torture and egregious abuse behind bars does the term “Guantanamo Bay” ring a bell?





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