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CIA Whistleblower, John Kiriakou, Discusses Pedophiles in Prison



CIA Whistleblower, John Kiriakou, Discusses Pedophiles in Prison


I speculate that most Americans have a very loathsome attitude about child molesters and pederasts. For example, most of the people I know think this Brazilian inmate got just what he deserves. After all, Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier even murdered the twenty-three month old infant he molested. http://elitedaily.com/…/brazilian-man-raped-killed-1…/ Yet, as a born again Christian, I vehemently disagree! IF you want to discuss what we deserve, then all of us are guilty of countless sins and deserve to spend eternity in Hell’s lake of fire. Amazingly, GOD commended His love toward us via sending the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as the propitiation for our sins. As you read VICE’s textbook in sex education, you will discover that my comfortable, middle-income childhood was replete with years of incest, molestation, beatings, etc. Yet, Christ saved me from myself and from Satan and ultimately taught me how to forgive several relatives [and other adults] for their roles in my abuse. After all, the Lord’s Prayer reads, “…And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…” Capish? Otherwise, emotional inertia can keep us in bondage for the rest of our lives. As the founder of this ministry of sexual healing, one of my favorite Bible passages entails a woman caught in the act of adultery. Akin to the inmates at this prison in Brazil, the self-righteous men who apprehended the adulteress also wanted to stone her, as the law so mandated. After all, isn’t that what she deserved? Hypothetically, why were these priests, televangelists, bishops, and pastors in the red light district when they stumbled upon her indiscretion? More poignantly, why did they allow the man to grab his robe and sandals in order to flee when that same law mandated that both should be stoned to death outside the city gate? Yet, Jesus’ response to their disingenuous, vigilante justice was quintessential. Ergo, my love for adulterers, pedophiles, homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, lesbians, and other “less than perfect” people is attributable to my victory in Christ, not to any goodness of my own. Toward facing and fixing our imperfections, please invite the “less than perfect” people in your coterie to join VICE’s book club. By collectively examining the Scriptures, studying the textbook, and by attending FREE workshops, I am confident that you will emerge profoundly enlightened about male concupiscence and self-control. Gentlemen, even if your IQ is 148 and you’re a member of MENSA, VICE still is committed to opening your spiritual eyes to better comprehend spiritual truths that can supplant your vices with virtuous living! For example, had Moses been captured in Brazil, then should twenty of his fellow inmates have raped him for murdering an Egyptian? Had the Apostle Paul been incarcerated in San Paulo, then might he have been brutally sodomized or even beheaded for killing Christians? After all, isn’t that what he deserved? None of us knows what GOD has in store for Daryell…so what right have any of us to cast the first stone? Moreover, countless children and teenagers who were physically, emotionally, or sexually abused spend their entire adult lives being angry with the perpetrator, themselves, or their family of origin. Let’s be honest, guys, about the chasm between who we are and our image of a “real man”. Don’t we often self-flagellate and even self-destruct by using alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, or violence as a form of anesthesia? More tragically, however, we unwittingly pass our unresolved issues or “poison” to the next generation via abusing, abandoning, or neglecting our own offspring. Brothers, with GOD’s intervention, unconditional love, and with the nurturing support of self-actualized Christian men [sorry, ladies, you can’t handle “guy stuff”], we can become better men! Otherwise, are not we hypocrites feigning piety? Still, most synagogues, mosques, and churches steadfastly avoid workshops regarding prison rape, same sex perversion, incest, child molestation, masturbation, the wounded inner child, pedophilia, or psychotherapy, etc. Therefore, without pushing pills or prescriptions, VICE proffers its members a cathartic, holistic milieu wherein we are committed to loving you, forgiving you, and especially teaching you to love to learn as you learn to love!


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