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Juvenile Injustice at a Florida School for Boys



Juvenile Injustice at a Florida School for Boys


As a former Guardian ad Litem, I am shocked by the behavior of those who theoretically should nurture and protect the best interest of at risk or abused children and teenagers. Even juveniles who were adjudicated as “criminals” don’t deserve to have their human rights capriciously violated by correctional officers. Several months ago, I posted this troubling story about torture, sexual abuse, and deliberate murder of teenagers at Florida School for Boys in my hometown of Marianna. Yet, Big Brother apparently ordered the “Powers That Be” to vaporize the story, like countless others related to politics, religion, and sexual morality, from my FB Timeline. In a crusade to bring awareness to criminal behavior, not the least of which is sexual abuse, by the staff in jails and juvenile facilities, I have posted this article once again. In a state that incessantly privatizes correctional facilities, what legal access or recourse will disgruntled parents and other relatives have to “crimes against humanity” right here in the United States? Did the State of Florida make restitution to “The White House Boys”, who survived years of torture and sexual abuse? Any nation or state that vacates GOD’s statutes and commandments, by default, will become increasingly sinister and sinful. Ergo, VICE utilizes a unique textbook in sex education to facilitate the empowerment of teenagers in reaching adulthood unscathed by sexual molestation or sexual mistakes. To parents and pastors alike, if you are serious about fighting for the best interest of America’s Youths [physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually], then this tour de force is a must read. WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it, inconsequential to whatever it is!






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