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The Father Son Dyad



The Father Son Dyad

Gentlemen, it is quite possible that Child Molestation, Incest, or Neither? [ISBN 978-1-4675-5868-6] is the most transparent and most thorough textbook in sex education you will find written from a Biblical perspective. Yet, one thing I love about my book is that it protects everyone’s privacy by stimulating an analysis and discussion of a fictional father, son, grandfather, cousin, uncle, etc. With well over one million convicted felons in our communities, VICE affords them a second chance to lead more virtuous and productive lives via an income opportunity in our book club’s Not Guilty Program. After all, have not all of us made “moral mistakes”? For example, Moses and King David were murderers; were they not? Yet, what better illustration or prototype of victory in Christ can one find than Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean? College students and other members of VICE who have spent at least 90 days in a juvenile facility or in foster care are eligible for the same $200.00 discount for Independent Agents distributing and discussing books with their customers. Most Americans seldom explore or discuss their sexual expression in the context of morality or immorality. Thus, to illustrate the connection between Satan and sexual orientation, please take just ten minutes to view this enlightening video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOUceG4bUC0 on YouTube. Ergo, what VICE’s pedagogy calls “sexual mistakes” are ubiquitous among teenagers, as well as men and women of all ages. Such a sexually explicit textbook covering the range of what pubescent males can expect [www.victoryNchrist.net] is adaptable to churches, prisons, juvenile facilities, locker rooms, college courses, etc. As a reference for pastors, parents, coaches, etc., Junior’s Dad is far more candid about puberty and male sexuality than most military or civilian fathers. This Army officer made a conscious decision in that regard, in part, via the intimacy he shared with Uncle Jake for most of his life. Perhaps, he also resented the firewall of secrecy his father erected around sexuality when he was a curious and horny teenager. Yet, as the saga unfolds, one clearly sees how Junior managed his libido with far more confidence and moral maturity than most of his peers. For example, when Junior messed around with a cheerleader who gave him a ride home, few jocks would have exercised such discretion in reaching orgasm. Prior to becoming a high school jock, Junior also navigated his way out of being molested in summer camp and in Catholic middle school.http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/zone-victim-1-tells-story-abuse-article-1.1216072 Out of respect for his dad, Junior also avoided getting intoxicated or getting high with his teammates after the state basketball championship. Is there a correlation between his father’s detailed lessons in “the birds and the bees” and Junior’s ethical decisions throughout middle school and high school? More poignantly, how can this course in sex education help other adolescent males and females to do likewise? Explain.

While some Americans may claim that my pedagogy and textbook are too graphic, my response is, “We can’t fix it if we can’t face it, inconsequential to whatever it is.”  Even if you don’t join VICE’s book club, just Google: NAMBLA. Daily, countless children will be molested in the United States, in part, via our shameful conspiracy of silence surrounding pedophilia. As these children make “sexual mistakes” during adolescence and adulthood, is not our silence culpable for the perpetuation of such sexual perversion? For example, most of us are familiar with the Penn State debacle involving iconic football Coach Paterno’s role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s molestation of several minors. Similarly, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez also has been accused of failing to take action against “Department of Juvenile Injustice” employees in Texas, despite documented complaints filed against dozens of staff members. West of the Longhorn State, Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer also seems to have turned a blinded eye to over six thousand complaints to Child Protective Services alleging child abuse and neglect. My relentless research of child abuse eventually took me to Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, where state employees routinely covered up physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even murder in my hometown! Amazingly, the families of these “missing” youths often were told their sons had run away from the reform school…case closed. Several years after public disclosure of nearly three dozen unmarked graves and a governor’s belated apology, the US Justice Department published a report revealing that more than 11% of the boys interviewed claimed that they were forced into sexual acts with the staff in Marianna. In 2008, at Haute de la Garenne on the other side of the Atlantic, similar allegations of torture and child sexual abuse emerged. However, a journalist investigating the allegations was barred from the UK. Even Father Flanagan’s Boys Town seems to have been “ground zero” for a pedophile ring possibly involving Congressmen, at least two US Presidents, and even the Pope! Upon examining this infamous Franklin Cover-up [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AFrMpQxbmk] and connecting the dots, might there be a ubiquitous “Invisible Empire” of pederasty throughout the United States in locker rooms and juvenile correctional facilities? Similarly, as virile young men go to prison, join the military, go to college, etc., might some 79% – 97% of inmates, cadets and pledges “take it like a man” as a prerequisite for initiation into “The Brotherhood” of numerous secret, yet powerful, fraternal organizations? Hypothetically, how might these experiences adversely impact the life-long relationships men develop with women, children, and with one another? In terms of both sexual virtues and vices, VICE explores such an ethical comparison between ancient Greece and the United States today. In an even broader context, do such “sacrifices” signify a life-long loyalty to obey GOD, Baphomet, or Lucifer? Explain.

Paradoxically, Pres. Barach Obama, our federal government, and NAMBLA want us to believe that homosexuality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yO21Lbv2Kk  is as “normal” as heterosexuality. Au contraire, mon frere! That’s not what the Torah, Bible or the Koran says. A common denominator in many pedophile cases is that the predator often is a married coach, teacher, politician, preacher, rabbi, correctional officer, etc., who is well respected and well known by his prey. We can’t fix it if we can’t face it. Thus, VICE’s workshops closely examine a broad range of sexual expression behind bars as well as behind closed doors. Come, let us reason together without requiring that you remove your fig leaves. VICE contends that instructors, independent agents, or parents who put this book in the hands of teenagers will empower and will bless their progeny! Pastors, fathers, uncles, sons, coaches, cops, and even grandfathers, etc., are encouraged to discuss, dissect, and debate this fictional father son dyad without ever disclosing your sexual history. Why? Virtually none of us was as candid as Junior’s fictional Dad when discussing sexuality and puberty. Hypothetically, were more unabashed fathers to remove their fig leaves in discussing “guy stuff” with their sons, then might such transparency precipitate a paradigm shift in authentic and holistic male bonding? In this Age of Feminism, single mothers are not well-equipped for these rites of passage into manhood. Ergo, does the level of intimacy within male relationships today pale in comparison to expressions of Platonic and Paternal love a century ago? VICE’s Sex Survey and Workshops proffer men empirical counterexamples to the diminution of quintessentially holistic intimacy. Speculatively, what sexual mistakes did you make via what your Dad didn’t say about Eros? WE can’t fix it IF we can’t face it! Capish? As you study this unique, Biblically correct textbook, do you feel as if Junior’s Dad was too explicit or should more fathers, preachers, policemen, scout leaders, and coaches, etc., proffer an equally transparent and thorough sex education for teenagers in their communities? Explain.

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  1. pobox120191 says:

    Greetings! My erroneous previous “comment” corresponds to the MLK post. This is the correct footnote intended for “The Father Son Dyad”. Enjoy viewing the clips!


  2. pobox120191 says:


    To find this profound DVD, search: “Torture – The Guantanamo Guidebook”



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