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Martin, I Have a Dream Too!



Martin, I Have a Dream, Too!

VICE: Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

MLK: Thank you, Anthony, but my date of birth actually was January 15th and my birth name was Michael, not Martin. Did you know that?

VICE: In that case, belated Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

MLK: Don’t worry about it; and please call me “Martin”. Now that I’m in Heaven, none of God’s children have secular or worldly titles.

VICE: If you insist, “Martin”, today, I want to commemorate the sacrifices that you made to improve the quality of life for the Negro in terms of our being disenfranchised Americans. Yet, I wonder if our children even know the history of the Civil Rights Movement, much less honor it.  Instead, countless children look forward to no school, parades, talent shows, hip-hop concerts, dancing, and let’s not forget a barbecue sandwich with chips or potato salad on the side.

MLK: After a couple of hours of marching or dancing in the middle of winter, even you would be glad to get one of those barbecue sandwiches and a park bench to rest your tired, aching feet. Remember Rosa…lol?

VICE:  Yes, Sir, I recall how Rosa Parks became the heroine of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama and across the Nation. Yet, I have a dream that one day parents and children will covet irreproachable intelligence and integrity more than sports and entertainment. If ever we decide to honor GOD by obeying His commandments, then 79% – 97% of our social problems might become permanently solved! Your mantra, “We shall overcome,” seems moot to me, no matter who is in the White House, if our youths refuse to read enlightening books and to fight discrimination with our brains rather than with bricks, bottles, bullets, and bloodshed. Among God’s lowliest creatures, even tiny ants use their collective intelligence and strength to gather food and to build a colony for their common good. Yet, in this new millennium, our People remain both divided and conquered. It’s as if we are a lost people without you.

MLK: I appreciate that compliment; but l never could have done it alone. There were many good-hearted individuals and institutions that provided us the financial and logistical support for the March on Washington, which I always have cherished more than the Nobel Peace Prize. So, Anthony, l hope that you and others will teach our children to pay homage to the countless Negroes, Jews, and Caucasians who believed in and fought for equality, liberty, and justice for all of God’s children. That was my mission and my message.

VICE: Dr. King…I mean, Martin…how can I teach our children to pay homage to the Civil Rights Era when so many of them, especially my young brothers, tenaciously embrace their ignorance at the expense of their intelligence? How can anyone teach them anything constructive when they either disrupt the classroom on a daily basis or eventually drop out of high school without graduating? In the half century since your March on Washington, I’m embarrassed to admit that many teenagers and young adults read only at a 5th or 6th grade level and have no plans to complete their GED or post-secondary education. Ergo, if Congress passed a $20.00 per hour minimum wage bill, still many of us would remain unemployed via our failure to pass the pre-employment aptitude test of basic science, reading, and math. Perhaps, because it took me thirty long years to earn a four year college degree, I’m sounding the alarm for at risk or economically disadvantaged brothers and sisters coming behind me! Therefore, each certified member of VICE’s Christian fraternity is required to tutor convicted felons in their communities who are in pursuit of a GED, to mentor other members who are matriculating to become better providers and parents, and to take at least one continuing education college course annually. Ignorance may be bliss; but it’s never a blessing.

MLK: Your point is well taken. That old adage, “If you want to hide something from a Negro, put it in a book,” still holds true within our race. Indeed, many teenagers and young adults are marginally literate, if not functionally illiterate, which certainly dishonors the sacrifices that teachers, parents, preachers, and our entire Village made during my lifetime. Yet, Anthony, I must emphasize that Morehouse, Howard, Spelman, and several other HBCU’s still maintain high intellectual expectations of their students. All is not lost; so never give up on your prodigal brothers and sisters. Our Talented Tenth, however, could do a much better job of uplifting the masses if churches and other civic organizations were inclined to implement academic courses and life skills workshops to address the spiritual and intellectual needs of the least of these among our People.

VICE: Is giving unto the “least of these” a realistic expectation, Martin, for ministers who kill the fattest calf for themselves rather than for the flock? In the context of how today’s teenagers dress, speak, and behave, it is obvious to me that “In God We Trust” does not apply to many of them. Yet, I hold pastors, parents, principals, and other adults accountable for America’s Youths floundering in the wilderness. Can a corrupt tree bear good fruit? Until we decide to study the Bible and to walk in obedience to God’s Word, I will remain incredulous. Hopefully, my textbook will enlighten and will empower the remnant of real Christians [www.victoryNchrist.net] to overcome many “politically correct” vices that separate us from GOD.

MLK: I must admit that you are one of very few men in United States who has zero tolerance for preachers pontificating one thing and practicing another. Typically, the most charismatic or popular of these impious miscreants merely masquerading as men of GOD will deceive millions into following them and making them rich.

VICE: Despite a dearth of pastors who were chosen via God’s Divine Call, I wouldn’t say that. If anything, Martin, I have zero tolerance for my own delusion, duplicity, or dishonesty. I’m just a sinner saved by grace who now pontificates and practices obeying GOD’s Word. Inasmuch as Hell will be sufficiently hot for everyone who has earned the right to spend eternity therein, it’s my job to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling.

MLK: Wouldn’t you agree that at some point, narcissistic ministers must learn that being a great man of God means being a servant to those in need? I want to say especially to the Church in the South that our human struggle for equality is not just about the politics of race. Instead, this challenge primarily is a moral struggle between good and evil within the hearts of men. Thus, I admonish the clergy of both races to stop playing the race card, which still divides rather than unites our Nation. Even Malcolm X finally conceded that some devils have brown eyes while others have blue eyes. Are not evil men and women found in every race, color, and creed in America?

VICE: Bien sur! Of course, one quickly can become persona non grata if one dares to challenge the Black KKK’s position on racism vis-a-vis our own negligence and culpability for illiteracy and immorality in our Village. For example, during Black History Month, as I browse through countless photographs of the marchers, the fire hoses, the police dogs, the Klansmen, the National Guardsmen, etc., I barely can distinguish a Negro teacher, from a maid, from a farmer, from a physician, from a factory worker. Yet, that piquant visage of a dignified race of People dressed in their “Sunday Best” is the antithesis of the comportment I see today. Unlike any prior generation, young brothers with gold teeth and tattoos proudly reveal as much posterior cleavage as young women showing anterior cleavage. Martin, what happened to us?

MLK: In a word, Fatherlessness! Your question, Anthony, has many convoluted answers. Yet, since I am in the middle of preparing my Sermon on the Mount, let me try to give you a concise reply. All but a remnant of our People have returned to Egypt rather than to have followed God’s instructions for reaching the Promised Land. After my assassination, Pharaoh sent a text message to many black leaders, promising them positions of prominence if they would return the Chosen People to bondage and worship his gods. The FBI even used COINTELPRO to intimidate those who initially seemed resilient to bribery. Ultimately, the Village Elders deceived their own constituents via celebrity entertainment and hedonistic rhetoric about the good old days on the Egyptian Riviera…and the rest is history.

VICE: Having lost my Dad when I was ten, I could not agree with you more regarding the crucial role a father’s discipline plays in the moral lives of his children. At the same time, Martin, many of today’s young men with gold teeth or gold chains will procreate repeatedly in order to prove “I ain’t no punk” instead of becoming responsible fathers who provide, protect, nurture, and love their wives and offspring. Please pardon my cynicism; but I bemoan the manner in which some of us dishonor Martin Luther King Day 365 days of the year. I hope that you don’t think I’m condemning our youths; because I’m not.  Yet, I am condemning behaviors I hope we can change.

MLK: Don’t apologize for challenging America to face and to fix Her maladies and malevolence. Speaking of behavior, as the son of a Baptist minister, one of the first things I learned at Crozer was that Christianity is not unique in terms of “God” directing the behavior of mankind for good rather than for evil. Throughout ancient and modern history, sages and philosophers have wrestled with this yin and yang in the natural and religious worlds. Unfortunately, many young people today have no clue regarding who GOD is or how He wants them to live. The Supreme Court’s ban on praying and studying the Bible in public schools, obviously, is partly responsible for the epidemic of ungodliness in America. It also is responsible for the proliferation of sexual perversion, school shootings, and violence in general among America’s Youths.

VICE: So, Martin, what can we do to truly honor the sacrifices you and others made?

MLK: Responsible parents must turn off their cell phones, video games, televisions, computers, etc., long enough to read and to study the Scriptures with their children at home. Otherwise, Satan will devour your children both sexually and morally. Godless children, through no fault of their own, almost always will fail to develop the irreproachable character mentioned in my “I Have A Dream” speech. When I expressed hope that my children one day would live in a nation where they would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, Anthony, I had no idea that nation later would embrace bestiality, gay marriages, lesbianism, etc.  Bear in mind, however, that Bayard Rustin was both a homosexual and indispensable to my success as the leader of the non-violent movement. Without Bayard, there would have been no March on Washington, at least not as successful a march as it was. At one point, I was so paranoid that I asked him to step down for the sake of the movement!

VICE: Martin, I am familiar with that little-known Black History fact. With all due respect, you and I know that is not what Jesus would have done. Instead, the Messiah fellowshipped with sinners in order to call them unto repentance, with no respect of person. Thus, the approbation of men and the approbation of God are mutually exclusive. If ever preachers, professors, parents, coaches, cops, and other adults first overcome their fear, shame, and insecurity, then they might stop living in 3-D, namely delusion, duplicity, and dishonesty. Because immorality is a spiritual battle, political ideologies, secular social workers, and agnostic psychologists are incapable of empowering juveniles to reach adulthood unscathed by sexual molestation or sexual mistakes. For example, at the behest of the Prince of Darkness, Big Brother now requires millions of black and white children in pre-K, kindergarten, elementary and middle school to take psychotropic drugs. It’s a common practice for the pharmaceutical industry to pay school districts in proportion to the number of students using their prescribed medications! In a nation wherein “In God We Trust” has become http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1lFZw3jm5c a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, is this not tantamount to another form of child molestation?

MLK: Your book makes a compelling argument for spiritual warfare in achieving the best interest of abused, abandoned, neglected, and other at risk children. Yet, most Youth Ministers focus upon recreational activities rather than Biblical knowledge within their congregations. Despite the so-called “Separation of Church and State”, you clearly articulated how parents, teachers, judges, school boards, social workers, etc., are culpable for our children being “morally naked” and unprotected in our public schools.

VICE: Yet, is anything too hard for GOD? Ergo, to demonstrate just how cathartic VICE’s ministry of sexual healing can be, I chose to admit my own “sexual mistakes” in the book’s Postscript. To my surprise, despite millions of male and female survivors wrestling with these issues, many of our churches and pastors refuse to deal with sexuality other than to say, “Rebuke the Devil and don’t think about it until you get married!!” More realistically, VICE’s intense workshops a/k/a “God’s Gym” are a milieu where certified members learn to be their brother’s keeper while petitioning GOD for deliverance from every sin and weight that so easily beset us.

MLK: As I recall, that was the prevailing attitude in the 1950’s and the 1960’s. Rather than to be as transparent and thorough as you have been in your book, most preachers and parents simply swept incest, pederasty, homosexuality, bastard children, and adultery under the rug. As you well stated, we were living in 3-D instead of in the light of God’s forgiveness and love. Yet, how times have changed! Hopefully, more people now will engage in the kind of dialogue and discussion you presented in your book. If only half of the churches in the United States embraced your book’s pedagogy, then the Body of Christ could overturn “gay marriage” and other heresies adversely affecting our nation. I regret not living long enough to have taught Yolanda that God never embraces homosexuality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yO21Lbv2Kk any more than He embraces child molestation or incest. Sadly, she’s not here in Heaven with me today. Yet, Christ died for the forgiveness of all our sins if we repent, which is the message of Agape Love I got from having read your book. Feel free to e-mail or text me anytime, Anthony, but let me close with these encouraging words: “Keep the faith and never give up on our People. Leading folks through the Wilderness never has been an easy task, not even for Moses. Yet, the chosen few must never quit admonishing and teaching a rebellious People how to differentiate right from wrong. As also was the case when Noah and Jesus Christ walked the Earth, most people will not listen. Yet, ye shall in no wise lose your reward for having done as the Master hath commanded.”


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