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Separation of Church and State



Separation of Church and State


Philosophically, is separation of Church and State more akin to freedom of religion or freedom from religion? How does one define “Church”? How does one define “State”? Can a Muslim state exist without the Koran? Can a Jewish state exist without the Torah? How do we American or other Western political systems define “laïcité“? Explain. As a Laubach volunteer, I enjoyed tutoring adults in this structured literacy program. Upon inquiring whether I also could teach chess and Christianity to poor and at-risk children, I was told that the public library prohibits any religious indoctrination. Yet, disciples of Aleister Crowley rejoice in that same library offering books and courses on witchcraft and Wicca. For those  members of VICE who are unfamiliar with Crowley’s influence upon America’s Youths, take just ten minutes to view this enlightening video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOUceG4bUC0 on YouTube. Thus, how can any child born after 1984 learn to trust in GOD without religious indoctrination? Without GOD, do charity, compassion, irreproachable integrity, altruism, rectitude, and righteousness increase or totally disappear? Under capitalism, is not the perennial war between good and evil tantamount to a “game” of religious chess? For example, over the past thirty years, many churches in the United States have written grants and have received pecuniary assistance from Uncle Sam in order to provide food, clothing, and other social services. However, as a condition of such funding, the government of the United States forbids these churches from preaching the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the homeless, poor, etc., in their communities. Checkmate! Does our government have a vested interest in filling privatized prisons rather than in helping “the least of these” to take up their bed and walk uprightly? Is such a restriction of religious freedom tantamount to Separation of Church and State or have the twain become Siamese twins? As Big Brother aggressively recruits transgendered, homosexual and lesbian federal employees, soldiers, bus drivers, correctional officers, police, college professors, teachers, and especially law school students, might Christianity soon become against the law in the US? With well over one million convicted felons in our communities, VICE provides both men and women a second chance to lead more virtuous and productive lives via an income opportunity in our book club’s Not Guilty Program. After all, have not all of us made “moral mistakes”? Yet, what better prototype of victory in Christ can one find than Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean? College students and other members of VICE who have spent at least 90 days in a juvenile facility or in foster care also are eligible for this same $200.00 discount for Independent Agents distributing and discussing books with their customers. As demonstrated in two clips below, VICE hopes to increase public awareness of how Big Brother “molests” our children via forcing them to take unnecessary psychotropic drugs. Both clips are amazing tributes to the resilience of former foster children in their own words! Does the Church or the State have a moral obligation to stop abusing America’s children? IF we destroy Christianity at home and defile Islam abroad, then does Christ dwell within us or is our mantra about “fighting terrorists” merely propaganda that perpetuates our broad political interests? For example, as political pundits pontificate the economic advantages of “globalization”, are we not merely reviving the Crusades and Colonialism to the “economic advantage” of Europeans? In a nation wherein we have freedom to think, to assemble, to read the Bible [at least for now], to reason, to resist evil, and to redress our grievances, IF there is no dissent, if there is no grievance, then there is no democracy! As Big Brother relentlessly promotes nihilism, relativism, and atheism, do we the People of the United States become more godly or more evil? The answer to this mutually exclusive moral query is in the Bible…read it and then connect the dots.


Revisiting Hitler’s infamous totalitarian regime, might our nation’s Christian dissidents like Dietrich Bonhoeffer soon be arrested and killed? Dare any Americans to stand up for Jesus and to be Tortured for Christ like Richard Wurmbrand? Indeed, history repeats itself as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people vanishes away. For the past thirty years, many non-profit organizations in the United States have benefitted from grants that ameliorated their operations and services to unwed mothers, to the handicapped, to battered women, and to the elderly, etc. Yet, under the aegis of “Separation of Church and State”, our government forbids any inclusion of religious or Biblical instruction to these agencies’ constituents. Checkmate! Does our government have a vested interest in the proliferation of ungodliness, broken homes, child abuse, and dysfunctional families? In a brilliant chess move, Big Brother now subsidizes or sponsors VPK, which virtually insures that our nation’s children will not learn about Jesus Christ during their formative years. Eureka! Thus, similar to our public schools, charitable service providers also refuse to debate, discuss, or dissect the extent to which the government of the United States, de facto, has embraced freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion. Even from her grave, Madalyn Murray O’Hare still impacts our nation’s public policy. Is a paradigm shift toward atheism in the United States tantamount to Separation of Church and State or have the twain become Siamese twins? If a mother tells her fifth grader, “Now, you are old enough to choose your own outfits for school,” then is she condoning her daughter going to school naked? I rest my case.


As is evidenced by perfunctory debates and persuasive ads in American media, this is an election year. For more than a century, many pastors discussed from their pulpits the political agenda of the candidates and their political parties prior to most major elections. Today, however, most pastors and preachers are mute regarding the moral implications of Pres. Barack Obama now embracing lesbianism and homosexuality in the military, gay marriages, global hegemony, war crimes in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. As our pastors acquiesce to Big Brother’s threat to revoke their tax exempt status, would King David, the Prophet Daniel, or the Apostle Paul also have done the same thing or is the love of money the root of all evil? How can any godly shepherd fail to protect the flock from spiritual genocide? Under such duress, is religious censorship in the United States tantamount to Separation of Church and State or have the twain become Siamese twins? When a nefarious Nebuchadnezzar threatened three righteous Hebrews with his fiery furnace, did these gallant men acquiesce or did they trust in God? Agnostics can argue that Bradbury’s threat of fire in Fahrenheit 451 may no longer be fictional as books on philosophy and religion literally vanish from library shelves. Assuredly, God did not give us the spirit of fear; but one of love and power and a sound mind to fight the antiChrist! Ergo, we the people of the United States must be steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the Word, the Will, and the Work of the Lord or bow to the State’s religious persecution. Along with Montag, dare we to consume enlightening books rather than to settle for inane entertainment that truncates critical thinking? Like Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity, have you the fortitude to fight or have you already accepted thirty pieces of silver and the mark of the beast? As a fighter, Victory In Christ Ensemble is my attempt to teach teenagers, standing at the precipice of Satan’s attack, how to bend the spoon and to dodge Big Brother’s bullets.


As an enlightening expose of politics, religion, and sexuality, VICE’s textbook is a moral compass [www.victoryNchrist.net] expounding upon many vices adolescents encounter en route to adulthood. Parents, upon reading it, hopefully you will see how America’s youths are fast becoming Manchurian candidates who obey the State rather than God. If you unplug from the Matrix, still you won’t make your first jump. Yet, to please God you must fight the good fight like Job and the Apostle Paul — be thou faithful unto death — and receive your crown of life! While it is true that Big Brother’s ultimatum will rob real Christians of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, isn’t obeying God’s commandments more important than our SUVs, our homes, our jobs, or our lives? If not, then perhaps many pastors and parishioners alike are counterfeit Christians who honor God with our lips while our hearts are far from the things of GOD. Stated differently, Jesus Himself said, “Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.” VICE’s textbook affirms that in the Last Days mankind would have “itching ears” for false prophets who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Yet, Jesus poignantly reminds the remnant, “He that taketh not his cross and followeth after me is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”


When the Constitution of the United States was written, God’s Biblical principles greatly influenced the relationship between those governing and those being governed. Virtually none of the men who promulgated and signed this quintessential document embraced secularism or atheism. Of course, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and many other European nations practiced a nationalistic form of Christianity vis-à-vis an individualistic freedom of religion. Eschewing any monarch ever declaring such a monolith, our Founding Fathers sought permanently to protect an individual’s sovereignty with respect to choosing a Church, i.e. Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. Were one candidly and carefully to examine American jurisprudence, Supreme Court rulings, and other historical evidence, then one clearly would see that until recently the State embraced Christianity as Her moral compass. Ergo, what happened to “In God We Trust”, which erstwhile was inextricable from the Laws of the Land? For the past thirty years, why has the State relentlessly attacked Christianity? Are we no longer “One nation under God”? As our nation’s morals plummet into the Dark Ages, should we Christians not stand up for Jesus and not teach our progeny to obey God’s commandments? In this Age of a Great Falling Away, are not pastors, parents, principals, and teachers culpable for their vapid religious indoctrination, which abets today’s hedonistic immorality? Perhaps, nothing will stop the proliferation of school shootings and related violence other than restoring voluntary prayer and Bible Study in our public schools. He who hath an ear, let him hear God’s Word and repent. The wage of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. The Messiah is coming soon to separate the tares, who obey Big Brother and the US Supreme Court, from the wheat, who obey Almighty God and Heaven’s Supreme Court! There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For the wheat, Jesus Christ has prepared a place for us in His Father’s kingdom. No man [or woman] can serve two masters; for he will love one and hate the other. America, Big Brother is watching you; but God is watching you too!


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    To find this profound DVD, search: “Torture – The Guantanamo Guidebook”



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