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Black Friday

Black Friday

Today, literally millions of Americans will be standing in long lines in order to purchase items they ultimately will exchange as Christmas gifts. Retail stores will be decorated with lights and Christmas trees as men in red suits welcome parents and their children to shop until their wallets are empty. Albeit I saw Christmas decorations in some retail stores the final week of October, the official shopping season starts today! Were we closely to examine Americana with spiritual insight, then the nomenclature “Black Friday” could signify the extent to which the United States, indeed, is blanketed with spiritual darkness. In my book [www.victoryNchrist.net], Jesus’ State of the Union Address challenges Americans to stop being counterfeit Christians. One certainly could argue that countless Christians and non-Christians alike lack the Biblical wherewithal to unplug from the Matrix this time of year. Like so many conditioned reflexes in our society, whenever Pavlov or Wall Street rings the bell, we Americans salivate and come running to the mall.

What if on Black Friday a real Christian decided not to buy any tree or any material gifts to celebrate Jesus’ birth? What if on Black Friday a real Christian decided to stay home and to peruse the Advent of Christ as recorded in the Holy Bible? What if a real Christian decided not to accept any material gifts from family or friends this year? What if a real Christian gave a homeless person the gift of being his or her house guest for a week or even the entire month of December? What if pastors, parents, churches, and charities taught both young children and teenagers alike that Jesus is the reason for the season? Of course, counterfeit Christian pastors and parishioners across America would be outraged by the notion of no gifts, no Santa, no Rudolph, and no Snowman on their lawns! Yet, was Jesus Christ a capitalist or a communist in the purest sense of its meaning? With well over one million convicted felons in our communities, VICE affords both men and women a second chance to lead more virtuous and productive lives via an income opportunity in our book club’s Not Guilty Program. After all, have not all of us made moral mistakes? Moses and King David were murderers; were they not? Yet, what better illustration of victory in Christ can one find than Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean? College students and other members of VICE who have spent at least 90 days in a juvenile facility or in foster care also are eligible for this same $200.00 discount for Independent Agents distributing and discussing books with their customers. In a nation wherein “In God We Trust” has become a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, what if Jesus and His Heavenly host of angels consider “Christmas shopping” to be an oxymoron? What if Jesus’ State of the Union Address were to ask Americans for the following gifts for His birthday?

  • Do not display a Christmas tree laden with your gifts purchased on Black Friday
  • Instead, display the excellent gift of love for your fellowman, which money can’t buy
  • Do not display  a man in a red suit on your lawn or roof
  • Instead, display a manger scene to remind your neighbors of my Divine humility
  • Do not display a red-nosed reindeer leading the way from the North Pole
  • Instead, display Wise Men leading the way to the Messiah’s nursery in a barn
  • Do not display or exchange Christmas cards with pagan, fictional characters
  • Instead, exchange only Christmas cards with Mary, Joseph, and ME on them
  • Do not display or exchange Christmas cards with “Xmas” on them
  • Instead, keep Christ in Christmas as a sacred, religious holiday
  • Do not play traditional, secular, seasonal music that does not pay homage to Me
  • Instead, download and play only real Christmas music that tells of My Nativity
  • Do not allow pagan Romans or pagan Americans to “X” me out of your life
  • Instead, remember the reason I came to Earth and repent of your sins

What do you think or are you too exhausted from all of your shopping to care?



Is it possible, plausible, probable, or preposterous to believe a connection exists between Luciferian pagan rituals and the Christian celebration of Christmas and Easter? Explain.


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  1. pobox120191 says:


    To find this profound DVD, search: “Torture – The Guantanamo Guidebook”




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